Outcome-Oriented Programs

Achieve financial power and peace with Epiphany Financial Therapy. Our unique programs are tailored to the needs and goals of ambitious, high-achieving women who are ready to invest in themselves and do the necessary inner and outer work. We provide a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore your financial issues, worries and secrets, and offer personalized guidance and one-on-one support to help you achieve lasting results.

Our programs are rooted in the belief that money is emotional and financial wellness is about much more than just numbers and spreadsheets. It’s about understanding the emotional and behavioral patterns that shape our relationship with money, and developing new habits and behaviors that support our financial goals and values.

Our approach combines the expertise of trained financial therapists with a results-driven methodology that focuses on achieving measurable outcomes. We work with you to identify your unique financial goals and challenges, and develop a personalized plan that addresses both the emotional and practical aspects of your financial life.

Our programs are designed to help you master the inner and outer work and take control of your emotions and finances to achieve lasting peace and financial power.





3 Monthly payments of $1,466

Introducing Find Your Epiphany Star: The 16-Week Signature Program by Epiphany Financial Therapy – your transformative journey towards emotional wealth mastery.

Are you a high-achieving woman who longs for financial well-being and liberation but feels constantly overshadowed by monetary stress? It’s time for your Epiphany Star to shine, illuminating your path to financial harmony and abundance.

Our meticulously crafted 16-week program guides you to revolutionize your relationship with money. You’ll be aided in identifying your core values, setting poignant goals, and designing a financial blueprint that aligns perfectly with your envisioned future.

“Find Your Epiphany Star” is exclusively for ambitious women like you, ready to delve into their financial world’s emotional depths and willing to work towards achieving financial tranquility. In our safe, supportive space, we’ll explore and address your financial concerns and provide personalized guidance to propel you towards lasting transformation.

This Signature Program includes:


  • Triumph Over Financial Anxiety: Navigate through your financial stressors and emerge victorious, unlocking a calmer, more confident relationship with money. (Value: Priceless)
  • Cultivate Financial Peace: Develop the skills to nurture enduring wealth, allowing you to experience the calm of financial confidence and prosperity. (Value: Priceless)
  • Thirteen personalized, one-hour, one-on-one virtual sessions each week, providing a secure and discreet space to set your goals, examine your money stories, voice your deepest financial concerns, and craft actionable strategies. (Value: $2,600)
  • Tailored financial assessment & strategy to chart a course that aligns with your financial aspirations. (Value: $340)
  • Behavioral financial planning, including a discovery meeting (Value: $200), two delivery meetings (Value: $400), and key planning areas such as retirement, college, legacy planning, and more. (Value: $2,200)
  • Embodiment practices and breathwork techniques designed to help you tackle long-term anxiety and create a more holistic, deeper, and longer lasting impact & transformation. (Value: $800)
  • Community connection with an access to a private Facebook group for community support and shared financial journeys. (Value: Priceless)
  • Trusted Ally: Share your intimate thoughts and feelings with a non-judgmental companion devoted to helping you shine your Epiphany Star. (Value: Priceless)

    With a total value exceeding $7,500, “Find Your Epiphany Star” is more than an investment in your financial future—it’s an invaluable step towards emotional wealth mastery.

    Triumph Over Financial Anxiety
    Cultivate Financial Peace
    13 Personalized Sessions
    Tailored Financial Assessment & Strategy
    Behavioral Financial Planning
    Embodiment Practices
    Community Connection
    Trusted Ally
    Fast Action Bonuses
    Save Up To 77% Or More
    Market Value
    Actually Value $7500 +
    Find Your Epiphany Star Program
    More Than A 77% Savings


    Compassionate Companion
    Transformative Shift
    8 Weekly Virtual Dialogues
    Tailored Financial Assessment & Strategy
    Embodiment Practices
    Community Connection
    Save Up To 57% Or More
    Market Value
    Actually Value $2300 +
    Phoenix Prosperity Program
    More Than A 57% Savings




    3 Monthly payments of $367

    This 8-week journey to emotional financial mastery weaves a unique path that marries financial guidance with emotional intelligence. “Phoenix Prosperity” not only builds upon the bedrock of our signature “Find Your Epiphany Star” program but also introduces new dimensions of emotional and behavioral awareness related to finances. **Exclusively available to those who have completed the 16-week flagship program**, this 8-week journey takes you deeper into the psychological aspects of financial management.

    With “Phoenix Prosperity,” you step into a transformative space where emotional barriers are addressed, self-confidence is nurtured, and financial harmony is achieved

    Here’s a glimpse of what this unique program entails:


    • The gift of a compassionate companion who listens without judgment, providing a safe space to express your deepest financial concerns and aspirations. (Value: Priceless)
    • A transformative shift from financial anxiety to financial serenity by delving deeper into your emotional relationship with money. You will unmask intricate emotional and psychological associations that influence your financial decisions, developing coping strategies to overcome financial stress and cultivate confidence. (Value: Priceless)
    • Eight weekly, hour-long, one-on-one virtual sessions in a secure and confidential space. These sessions, specifically designed to help you set your goals, explore your emotional relationship with money, express your deepest financial worries, and implement actions that drive your financial evolution. (Value: $1,600)
    • Tailored financial assessment & strategy to chart a course that aligns with your financial aspirations. (Value: $300)
    • Embodiment practices and breathwork techniques designed to help you tackle long-term anxiety and create a more holistic, deeper, and longer lasting impact & transformation. (Value: $400)
    • Community connection with an access to the private Facebook group for community support and shared financial journeys. (Value: Priceless)

    With a total value exceeding $2,300, “Phoenix Prosperity” is more than just a stepping stone to financial security. It’s your golden ticket to a transformative journey, leading to the priceless treasure of emotional wealth mastery and enduring financial harmony. This is not just about investing in your financial future, it’s about embarking on a life-altering odyssey towards true prosperity – where peace of mind and wealth are harmoniously balanced.

    100% Perfect Fit Guarantee

    Our 100% Perfect Fit Guarantee gives you peace of mind. If you feel we’re not the perfect fit after your first meeting, you’re entitled to a full refund for the entire program.




    • Identify and address underlying emotional and behavioral patterns that may be contributing to your financial issues, stress, and anxiety
    • Excavate your money story and consciously rewrite it
    • Update your money mindset so that you’re taking powerful, aligned action that gets results
    • Create new neural pathways that make prosperous habits second nature
    • Work with your emotions to be productive
    • Regulate your nervous systems through somatic breathwork healing techniques to bring your body back into alignment, sooth the inner angst, and break free from destructive money behaviors


    • Develop a personalized, holistic, behavioral-focused financial plan to help you navigate your financial journey with confidence, and build a future you can look forward to Prioritize your financial goals and develop a plan that fits into your overall life plan
    • Learn to upgrade your state of being in daily, doable, and practical ways that upgrade your finances
    • Equip you with an empowering toolkit designed to nurture and heal your nervous system, including practical techniques you can integrate into your daily life, fostering a profound sense of calm and resilience as you navigate your financial landscape

    When you are ready to invest in yourself and do the necessary inner and outer work, schedule a discovery call and take the first step towards your financial well-being.