What is Financial Therapy?

Financial therapy is an intersection between emotional wellness and financial acumen. Imagine a space where empathy meets economic expertise, that’s what financial therapy offers. This service is designed to support anyone grappling with monetary challenges and can be an excellent tool for enhancing financial literacy, alleviating financial stress and fostering fiscal stability.

If you feel hesitant about seeking this support, it could be beneficial to discuss these feelings with a trusted person in your life, or feel free to connect directly with our financial therapist for a clearer picture of what to expect.

When Should I Consider a Financial Therapist?

Financial therapy might not be the perfect fit for everyone. Some individuals may find that enhancing their financial knowledge independently can improve their financial health. However, financial therapy could be your best move if you find sticking to your financial plans more daunting than creating them.

Signs that financial therapy could be a great fit for you include persistent worry about money, unhealthy financial behaviors such as chronic gambling or overspending, conflicts about finances with loved ones, or a consistent struggle to change your money habits.

If you’re considering this path, we recommend scheduling a free consultation to ensure the service and provider align with your needs.

How Does Somatic Breathwork Help with My Money Issues?

At Epiphany Financial Therapy, we understand the intimate connection between our emotional state and our financial behaviors. To help you transform your relationship with money, we utilize somatic breathwork healing techniques to commence every session.

When our nervous systems are not calm and regulated, we can succumb to various destructive behaviors. These can manifest as over-working, over-consuming, or over-explaining, among others. These behaviors reflect attempts to cope with internal disquiet and can lead to financial decisions that don’t align with our true needs or goals.

By introducing breathwork at the start of our sessions, we aim to ground you, bring peace to your body, and regulate your nervous system. This foundational step creates a calm, centered space from which you can more effectively explore and transform your money mindset.

Breathwork is a powerful tool for achieving deep, sustainable healing. By allowing you to connect physically and shift energy within your body, it liberates you from past patterns and emotional responses tied to money. This body-first approach is a core component of our
practice, leading to an empowered and healthy financial perspective. Through the transformative power of breathwork, Epiphany Financial Therapy helps you to embody financial wellness in its truest sense.

Will I Be Judged for My Financial Situation?

At Epiphany Financial Therapy, we foster a judgement-free space. You will never be stigmatized for your financial circumstances or challenges, regardless of your debt or other monetary issues. It’s important to remember that many individuals grapple with feelings of shame or embarrassment about their financial situations, but seeking help is a brave step towards better financial wellness.

Is Financial Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Financial therapy is an investment in your well-being and is generally not covered by insurance. It’s designed to create lasting positive changes in your relationship with money.

What if I Want a Refund?

We understand the importance of finding the right fit. That’s why we offer a 100% Perfect Fit Guarantee. If after attending your first meeting you feel that our program isn’t the right fit for you, you’re eligible for a full refund for the entire 16-week program. Our commitment is towards your financial transformation, and we want to make your first step towards this as effortless as possible.