Meet Your Financial Therapist

Meet Your Financial Therapist

Khwan is a trailblazing Certified Financial Planner and Certified Financial Therapist, who earned her Master of Science in Financial Planning. As she combines her qualifications and extensive professional experience in the wealth management industry in revolutionary ways, she has become renowned for her innovative approach that merges the robust methodologies of money mindset shift, behavioral financial planning, and somatic breathwork healing. 

As the Founder of Epiphany Financial Therapy, Khwan has established herself as a pioneer in the field of financial therapy. With her diverse background and global vision, Khwan provides a new and unique approach to money management that redefines financial health by integrating the wisdom of body and mind with behavioral economics – a departure from traditional financial advice.

Epiphany's Mission: Empowering Women Toward Financial Power, Peace, and Prosperity

Global Impact

Empowering High-Achieving Women Everywhere to

Unleash Our Personal Power and Embrace Financial Peace

Khwan is a visionary leader who is deeply passionate about empowering women to achieve financial and emotional wellness.   Her expertise and dedication have helped women everywhere to reduce their money stress levels and elevate their overall self-worth and net-worth. Her result-driven holistic system has transformed the lives of countless women, helping them to achieve greater financial security, emotional well-being, and overall life satisfaction.

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